Advanced Ear-Training and Sight-Singing As Applied to the Study of Harmony, a Continuation of the Practical and Coordinated Course for Schools and Private Study (Classic Reprint)
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The study of Harmony generally consists of writing notes, mathematically calculated from a figured bass, without hearing their sound or understanding their use and bearing upon playing or singing. A musician must be able to read and hear written music as readily as he reads his mother tongue. The purpose of this book is to show the pupil how to study and apply Harmony, to develop the ability to hear what is written and to furnish exercises for study. Each Lesson is divided into threeS ections: Section A contains the exercises for written work, applying Harmony toM elodic Construction and Harmonization, and the study ofF orm; Section B, the exercises for Harmonic, Interval and Melodic Dictation; Section C, the exercises inS inging I ntervals, Rhythms, Chords and SI ght-R eading. In class-work it has been found practical to use two fifty-minute periods a week, devoting one period to Sections A and Band the other to Section C. The explanations at the beginning of each Lesson combined withS ection Ccan be used for the study of Sight-S inging without the written work of Section A and theE ar-T raining of Section B. Following is a plan of the book, showing the development of the work and order In which the factors are taken up. AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT The author wishes to express his gratitude toD r. Frank Damrosch, who has encouraged and sponsored this work as it has been developed In the classes at the Institute of Musical A rt; To Miss Helen W. Whiley for loyalty and enthusiasm in presenting this material, and help in the preparation of the manuscript; To Dr. Thomas Tapper for reviewing the manuscript; To Dr. Percy Goetchius Tone Relations and Material Used in Musical Composition ;T oM r. Franklin W. Robinson for ideas in presenting Harmonic Dictation and the use and meaning of chords. To G. Schirmer, I nc. for the use of copyrighted material in theE xercises forS ig
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