Handbook of Guitar and Lute Composers
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Hannu Annala & Heiki Matlik have used more than 70 music books as sources as well as dozens of composer leaflets acquired from the musical information centers of several countries. During the writing process, which lasted for more than three years, we received extra information from many modern composers, Leo Brouwer and Reginald Smith Brindle among others. In addition, several internationally renowed performing guitarists gave us valuable information, we are indebted to the following; Magnus Andersson (Sweden), Remi Boucher (Canada), Margarita Escarpa (Spain), Aleksander Frauchi (Russia) and David Tanenbaum (USA) among others. Their aim was to write a book with a clear structure and therefore there are separate chapters for each instrument, such as the Renaissance and the Baroque guitar, the Renaissance and the Baroque lute and the vihuela., We have not seen such division in any other books. This kind of structure enables the reader to easily discover which composers have composed for a certain instrument during a certain era. In the beginning of the book there are short introductions about guitar and lute instruments as well as basic facts about their history. In addition to traditional composers, the book presents several modern composers, on whom there has been little information available. The list of concertos is a new invention; it contains information on more than 400 guitar and lute concertos dating from the Baroque until the present day. We hope that the Handbook of Guitar and Lute Composers serves as a practical guide for both amateurs and professionals, encouraging them to study the history of these instruments and the situation today.

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