The Little eBook for Ukulele Strummers

Teach Yourself How to Play the Ukulele
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I first published this under the title The Little eBook for Ukulele Strummers, but have decided that the title probably doesn’t mean much to most new ukulele owners. When you first get a uke, you want someone or something that will teach you how to play it – hence the new title. It’s only later that you will see yourself as a strummer.
I reckon that 95 out of a 100 ukulele players only want to be able to play well enough to accompany themselves while they sing – this is true of the 100 or so members of the Southampton Ukulele Jam, and speaking as one of the 95, I think it’s a laudable aim. We stand in awe of the virtuosity of Jake Shimabukuro and players of his calibre, but know that even if we could develop his dexterity we don’t have the time for the hours of practice that it takes. We just want to strum and for any given song, all we need to know are: the chords, the best fingering for those chords and the strum patterns. That’s what this book is about.
Oh yes, and it’s called ‘The Little eBook…’ because this is not a conversion of a printed book. It has been designed as an eBook, to be read on a Kindle.

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