Contextual Ear Training Memorizing Sound through Singing with 4 CDs

Contextual Ear Training Memorizing Sound through Singing with 4 CDs
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Developing aural recognition skills is a two pronged process.  It consists of listening and singing.  The listening side as represent in Ear Training One Note Complete allows you to develop your skills to recognize a pitch someone else is playing.  Singing allows you to develop your ability to recognize the notes you hear in you head and to facilitate high improvisational and compositional skills. 

Contextual Ear Training takes the one note exercise found in Mr. Arnold’s popular book Fanatic’s Guide to Sight Singing and Ear Training and presents an exercise that can be practiced anywhere that you can listen with a CD or MP3 player. With this portable audio exercise a student can practice no matter how busy his or her schedule may be, thus accelerating progress.

Mr. Arnold states. I have found that students using Contextual Ear Training audio files along with Ear Training One Note Complete and/or Fanatic’s Guide to Sight Reading and Ear Training improve at a much faster rate.

Contextual Ear Training contains four CDs that are available with this book that really help a student to focus in on this technique in a structured way. It also includes a music theory section and FAQ sections. The music theory section explains why the knowledge of music theory is integral to ear training. Please note that much of the material from the first few chapters of Fanatic’s Guide is included in this book. If you already own Fanatic’s Guide to Sight Singing and Ear Training, Contextual Ear Training will help you to learn the one note exercises faster.

Contextual Ear Training is also a good place to start when educating children in ear training. (recommended for children 7 years of age or older) Please read Mr. Arnold’s blog entry to understand the process of teaching a child and to find out more information on how the whole ear training process works.

As with all Muse Eek Publishing Ear Training Books there are editions that contain CDs and some that don’t. Please make sure to check before ordering. Most descriptions will plainly show whether the CDs come with the book. The four CDs for this book can also be found in MP3 format from various on-line vendors. Please check muse-eek for recommended vendors.

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