DownBeat – The Great Jazz Interviews (A 75th Anniversary Anthology)

DownBeat - The Great Jazz Interviews: A 75th Anniversary Anthology
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(Book). Culled from the DownBeat archives includes in-depth interviews with literally every great jazz artist and personality that ever lived! Features classic photos and magazine covers from DownBeat ‘s vast archives. In honor of its 75th anniversary, DownBeat ‘s editors have brought together in this one volume the best interviews, insights, and photographs from the illustrious history of the world’s top jazz magazine, DownBeat . This anthology includes the greatest of DownBeat ‘s Jazz Hall of Famers: from early legends like Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Benny Goodman; to bebop heroes like Charlie Parker, Dizzy….

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