Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1

Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
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Ukulele Lessons Today makes learning ukulele super-easy and super-convenient. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to learn ukulele this way. It’s like having your favourite, fun ukulele teacher right there with you anywhere, anytime.

With the world’s easiest ukulele lessons as your guide you’ll be well on your way to playing ukulele like a pro after one easy and fun lesson. You’ll get all the basic chords that unlock thousands of great songs you’ll want to play, plus three easy strumming patterns with pro tips, and techniques.

Ukulele Lessons Today is loaded with great diagrams, images and charts, tips, quizzes, glossary and learning tools to help you learn the basics quickly to make fast progress.

You’ll learn how to hold a ukulele confidently, how to tune your ukulele, how to place your fingers in the perfect position for making clean sounding chords, how to get really great at chord changing, how to keep good timing with the beat and even how to develop groove and feel – which would be one of the most overlooked pieces of information for beginners.

It even gives a practice strategy. There’s also a trouble shooting section plus a quick start page you can refer to any time to accelerate your learning even more. It’s all there. And that’s why Ukulele Lessons Today rocks as power learning tool.

Ukulele Lessons Today will give ukulele players of all ages the edge in their playing.
This book is your recipe for success for learning the awesome ukulele.

Learn to play ukulele today with Ukulele Lessons Today.

There are teachers and there are master teachers. Here are some rave reviews for learning ukulele with Zelda Sheldon and Ukulele Lessons Today.


Anyone can play ukulele but not everyone can teach it! Ukulele Lessons Today makes learning ukulele child’s play. After six months of bad habits teaching myself ukulele I’m finally learning timing and groove. Zelda makes it so simple. Ernie D

I am almost 80 yrs old and I have had a ball today learning to play the ukulele with Ukulele Lessons Today by Zelda Sheldon. It has been fabulous she’s such a wonderful teacher and she’s so encouraging and I feel I’ve made great strides already. Sheila N

I started learning with various other top ukulele teaching books but they sure didn’t cover what I’ve learned with Ukulele Lessons Today. My rhythm was all over the place and I could not keep in beat. Which was weird because I learned drums. My rhythm, timing and strumming are so much tighter now – I can actually keep a steady beat. Ukulele Lessons Today has given me a huge breakthrough. Dom W.

I did not know a single thing about how to play ukulele and wondering how much I could learn. Ukulele Lessons Today has made the experience of learning ukulele so enjoyable. In my first lesson I learned all the basics and now I’m practicing. I can certainly recommend it. Julie B.

I was recently invited to a jam session with a proficient guitar player. As a brand new ukulele student I bravely went along and he was very, very impressed by the level of my playing after such short time learning. I can definitely recommend Zelda’s Ukulele Lessons Today if you’re interested in learning to play the uke – and it’s a hell of a lot of fun! Kim P

I could hardly believe it when my six year old she started teaching her older brother and me what she had learned from Ukulele Lessons Today by Zelda Sheldon. She showed us all the chords she’d learned and how to strum and how to tune and how to remember it all. Then she taught us how to play a hit song she’d learned. Previously I had taken my daughter to the conservatorium of music in our local area to learn piano and can say without a doubt that Zelda’s Ukulele Lessons Today is right up there with the best of the best music teachers. I am so impressed with Zelda’s teaching style. I recommend Zelda’s Ukulele Teaching to anyone. Penny F

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